Monday, June 30, 2008

i saw this sign

in rathmines. i like signs. i think this one has been up for some time; possibly since the eighties. i hope imelda's scissors aren't as rusty as the sign.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

i saw this accordion player

in temple bar yesterday. it was a cold and rainy day. people walked past in a hurry. everyone looked miserable. he's been playing his accordion in the same spot for many years. he wishes he was on a small greek island. he could play in his old friend's tavern. people would sing and dance. he would be known across the island as a great accordionist. his music would make people happy. he would be happy. everyone would know his name. his fingers would never get cold...

when i turned around, i saw this woman across the street. she is the accordionist's wife. they got married in his old friend's tavern a long time ago. she, too, wishes she was back on the sunny island. she could work at her brother's restaurant. most customers would want to eat outside in the sun. some would prefer the shade, especially at lunch time. she would laugh and joke with the customers. everyone would be smiling. she would be happy. everyone would know her name. she would never be cold...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

i saw this oyster stall

at the temple bar food market. i don't understand how people can eat oysters. some people love them. some people think they are posh. in think they taste of sea water.

Friday, June 27, 2008

i saw this message from maser

and i instantly fell in love with him. i became a maser fan on facebook. i subscribed to his blog. he makes me smile.

i saw this phonebox

i always wonder who still uses public phones? why would someone use a phonebox? do they still work with coins or do you have to use your credit card?

i saw this red scooter

i saw this red scooter outside rathmines library. i think it's cool. i had a scooter in thailand and i wish i had one now. most of the time it's too cold or rainy for scootering.