Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i saw this derelict cinema

in rathmines the other day. i wish i'd taken the photo from another angle to avoid the lamp post. but i quite like it as it is. i googled stella and found some interesting information. it was opened in 1923. the boomtown rats played there in the seventies. so did elvis costello. by the time the cinema closed in 2004, it had become very run down. the seats were hard and dirty. the toilets were unusable. there were cobwebs everywhere. the curtains were black with dirt. the floor was sticky. there is a rumour that someone once was bitten by a rat there. the place was so bad that it became cool. i wish they'd re-open.


Ivan said...

Went to the Stella (by accident) back in 2001...I think it was one of the Jurassic Park movies...there was an old man in the back row sound asleep and snoring, a half empty pint glass next to him.

tina said...

LOL that sounds like a classic Stella -moment!