Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i saw this photo of poverty (a blog action day special)

today is blog action day and the theme is poverty. i'm not going to lecture you about poverty because, in my opinion, people either care or they don't. instead, i'm going to share with a photo that has had a big impact on me. i hope that it makes you think too.

this pulitzer prize winning photo is one of the most shocking photos i have ever seen.
the picture was taken during the 1994 sudan famine and shows a starving child crawling towards a united nations food camp, located a kilometre away. the vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat him. no one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer kevin carter who left the place as soon as the photo was taken. three months later carter committed suicide. (information from

that is all. now think, people, think.


Anonymous said...

That picture is amazing. And so sad. Wow.


Lottie said...

Very sad photo but also inspiring at the same time. I need to get off my lazy ass and go do some good.

Now where did I leave my cape?

tina said...

@ tiddles - oooh, took me a while to realise it was YOU! nice to see you... ;)

@ lottie - glad you find the photo inspiring!

Townygirl said...

suddenly ireland doesn't seem so bad. amazing photo and story behind it, i don't think i'll ever forget it.

tina said...

towny - yeah, ireland's pretty great when you think about it. and i'm going to shut about crap supermarkets and quality o food for a while... jeeesus!

miss milki said...

Wow thats a sad and powerful image - I totally missed blog action day. ooops!

About my photography course - no I'm in Cork - I'm doing it in the Crawford College of Art and its mainly a practical course, we'll be doing developing and all that. I can't wait! But I know NCAD do similar courses, thing is they can be hard to get into cos they fill up quick. Dunno about history type courses - maybe one of the colleges that do art history - UCD or Trinity. I did an art history night class in UCC before and they do them on all different subjects so maybe one of them would have a photography one. Let me know if you do find something!

Anonymous said...

Such a sad picture but so inspiring too. This is a subject I'm already so passionate about and involved in but however much I do I always feel a need to do more - no bad thing

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